Many creatures in Thistleland have real life counterparts, such as foxes, mice and rabbits. However, there are a number of species that are unique to the world Thistleland is part of, and within that world there are species unique to specific locations and continents.

The Adventure Guild classifies all animated living beings as creatures, which includes animals, some plants and fungi based organisms and plant-animal species. While all Monsters are creatures, not all creatures are considered monsters.

A full list of unique creature species found in all continents can be found below.

Moss Drake | Leech Worm | Red Planta | Bearten | Fennec Wolf | Jellyraptor | Udderat | Kaprosuchus | Weaselroo | Polezap | Hummingmoth | Non-Newtonian Fossa | Decoction Raptor | Eelicle | Mallweasel | Body Field | Torso Tentacle | Tooth Sucker | Marrow Mosquito | Plush Beast | Ferretfluid | Gulpena | Tailworm |