Fennec Wolf

Fennec Wolves are large canines that can be found throughout Thistleland, mainly in the woodlands, plains and highlands.

Appearing much like a very large wolf version of a Fennec Fox, Fennec Wolves typically behave much like their Fennec Fox namesakes. Energetic, excitable and often noisy, these large eared creatures will often run around prey, seeking the best angle of attack.

Fennec wolf sketches ipoke

Fennec Wolf field sketches

Despite their large frame, Fennec Wolves typically avoid open confrontation and prefer to hunt prey with the minimum amount of physical force. This is because their energetic movements favour speed and control over brute strength. Despite this, Fennec Wolves hunt a wide variety of prey, from small rodents and the Weaselroo, through to larger mammals including people.

While small mammals are typically hunted in a conventional fox fashion, when encountering animals the size of Weaselroos or larger the Fennec Wolf will use a specialised hunting method, which is suspected to have evolved specifically to tackle Weaselroos. Fennec Wolves will use their lower pitched vocals to send strong air vibrations to their intended target. These vibrations are pitched specifically to relax muscle tissue, render limbs weak and also provide stimulation to the prey.

Fennec Wolf WIP 1

Fennec Wolf with victim consumed

The end result of a Fennec Wolf using it's low pitched vocals over a short time period is to make it's intended target both unable to use their muscles and put the victim into a relaxed and pleasurable trance-like stupor. Once a victim is in this forced relaxed bliss, the Fennec Wolf will approach the victim and apply the vocals directly to the victims body by nosing at the victim while making the noises whenever the victim seems to respond best.

While a Fennec Wolf has a victim under it's power, it will continue to apply the vocals to keep the victim dominated, often taking time to taste the victim, nibble and gently gnaw at to tenderise. When content the victim is truly helpless and the Fennec Wolf approves of the victim's taste, it will consume the victim whole. Once consumed, a Fennec Wolf will typically spend a long time chirring deeply, supplying it's vocals all around the prey within to both ensure prey is helpless throughout and possibly also to aid digestion by gradually loosening the victim through vibrations. Fennec Wolf prey can often be rescued up to a day after consumption.

Once a Fennec Wolf stops it's vocal abilities, victims that are helpless will be able to make a full recovery, typically within the next five to ten minutes. Such recovering victims often report feelings of enjoyment from their exposure to Fennec Wolf vocals.