Despite the loss of most of their society, The Gamanic have retained a large amount of their technology, as well as many of their more portable devices. Judging by the devices they currently use, most of The Gamanics technology is well versed in materials science, with more recent devices focusing on energy sciences.

A common theme that the Gamanic seem to have with their technology is that of somewhat chunky devices that are usually made of white metal-like material which is light, strong and an excellent insulator. It is well known that Gamanic technology is of a high quality of manufacture, evidenced by many devices lasting almost a generation with little signs of failure.

A few Gamanic innovations that have been observed can be found below.

Light Rifle

Easily the most iconic of all Gamanic technology, the Gamanic Light Rifle is an energy weapon and the backbone of the Gamanic claim to independence and self protection. While few of these weapons exist, their firepower is more then enough to ensure the various settlements are not harassed. The Gamanic Light Rifle was involved in the initial talks between The Adventure Guild and The Gamanic, and a single warning shot rapidly turned talks from discussing Gamanic surrender of technology in exchange for settlement to that of mutual avoidance.

Each Gamanic Light Rifle fires a single shot of concentrated energy in a beam that lasts a couple seconds or so. This super-luminous beam appears to provide little to no recoil to the weapon. So far no object, enchanted or otherwise, has been able to resist a single shot from a Gamanic Light Rifle, and indeed the beam, will pass through most objects and continue in it's path unhindered, leaving a large hole in it's wake.

While the power of each shot from the Light Rifle is staggering, indeed considered far too powerful for a weapon of it's size, it is not without it's problems. The main disadvantage is the time between shots being measured as between two and four minutes, though talk amongst bandits is that Gamanic Matriarchs are not bound by this limit. Another, more notable aspect of this is that the cool down time may not affect just the rifle being used. OThere are whispers that when a Light Rifle has been fired, every other Light Rifle is subjected to the same cool down as well. This, as well as the weapons incredible power, would certainly explain why it is rare for a Light Rifle to be used.

The Gamanic rarely issue these powerful weapons, usually dispensing them to those who are on active roles beyond the settlements with one rifle per group. To be given a Light Rifle is considered a great honour amongst the Gamanic, and if lost the Gamanic will send a large response to recollect the rifle.

It is suspected that due to the nature of their evacuation, the Gamanic are unable to produce any more Light Rifles, making these weapons a great treasure for any who possess one. Rarer still is an attachment device Matriarchs carry, called a Siege Engine, which is claimed to be able to overcome the cool down time problem of the Light Rifle in return for turning the Light Rifle into a stationary weapon emplacement, though The Adventure Guild is not aware of how this functions.


One of the more advanced Gamanic devices is that of their shuttles, flying aircraft that are propelled by energy thrusters. Capable if vertical take off and landing, and made of metal hulls with glass-like windows, these shuttles are some of the most advanced craft to regularly see use in Thistleland. They also contain sophisticated scanning units, using their energy-based technology to map threats, targets and more.

Able to carry up to thirty people plus cargo, their range is considerable, easily able to cross the gap between continents while fully loaded. The only disadvantage for these craft is the lack of armament or defences aside their metal plating, as well as their notable recharge time between flights.

Each settlement has between one and three of these craft, which were the same Shuttles that brought the Gamanic over The Empty Ocean to Thistleland from their homeland in The Dark Continent. As such, while still in good condition, the markings, paint and normal white exterior of the Shuttles are faded and often replaced entirely with worn metal plates in places.

Currently the Gamanic use these craft to shuttle people to and from The Dark Continent, occasionally between settlements, and whenever required scout and map new locations in Thistleland ahead of travelling. It is thought that as a result of this aerial scouting, the Gamanic have some of the most detailed maps in all of Thistleland, though the scope of such maps is extremely limited.

As with the Light Rifle, it is widely thought that the Gamanic have no ability to build new Shuttles, and may have lost the blueprints even if they had the tools.

Isolierter Krug

A common drinking device used by Gamanic in all conditions, the Isolierter Krug is a versatile and insulated mug with a large handle and is topped with a swing lid that an easy to use thumb tab opener. Made from a ceramic-like insulate material similar to other Gamanic devices, the Isolierter Krug are white and smooth when manufactured, but are usually painted and carved to the owners taste.

Commonly used with Locally made Weizenbier, the Isolierter Krug is almost always kept with any travelling Gamanic, who will use its insulate and isolating properties to keep the drink fresh for whenever it is needed, even if that's in a day or two.