Kapros, full name Kaprosuchus, are creatures that can be found across Thistleland and are considered a dangerous animal to encounter.

Kapros are classed as a Medium-High danger by The Adventure Guild, and a dangerous pest by most people generally. Twenty feet long, and resembling crocodiles, they are able to run and in rare cases gallop after prey and people alike, usually eating them whole and more often then not alive. Kapros display no real special abilities or any use of magic.

From various encounters with Adventurers, Adventure Scouts, and citizens, the Adventure Guild understand that Kapros are somewhat intelligent; they appear to have a good understanding of arrogance and may have a belief system of their own, though it is suggested both of these are a result of genetics more then learning. Mages have assisted with this, providing some answers from scrying attempts on captured Kapros.

From what is understood of Kapros, they have a belief system that revolves around a simple concept: Everything that exists was purposefully made to be their food. Therefore everything belongs to their stomach. They do not, however, extend this belief to having any deity. This interpretation matches up well with accounts of Kapro attacks; if a person runs from a Kapro it will generally try to chase them down, bounding after them like an overly exited dog and outpacing the person, consuming them as you would expect. However, those who do not flee are often treated differently, with looks that survivors have described as sometimes 'smug' or even 'caring'. Such prey are often eaten slowly, alive, and generally rather gently all things considered.

While there are many accounts of Kapro hypnotising people before they slowly feed on them, it has been shown that this is not in fact Kapro magic, they instead use techniques similar to a stoat in some ways, their arrogance and smugness being a survival adaptation apparently used to mentally dominate prey into submission with their confidence. This technique is effective on people who are weak of will and/or suggestible.

Kapros are usually solitary animals, though groups of two to five has been seen. Such encounters are not common, and are considered a high threat for any traveler.