Lands End, drawn by AccidentalAesthetics

The most western point in Thistleland, Lands End is a sleepy town that is suspended off the tip of a cliff point, held in place by ropes and wood. It is built around a strange dark sphere called The Hole.

Bathed in perpetual night, the town is considered ominous by some, and relaxing to others. The main light sources for the town are candles, lanterns and fireflies. The primary sounds in the town are the occasional cracking of wood and rope.


Locals of Lands End claim that the town was established immediately after the creation of The Hole, and was created to monitor The Hole and be it's custodians. There is little said as to exactly when this was, however.

Lands End was discovered by early scouts from Guildtown travelling as far west as they could in the days where Guildtown was still being built, establishing that Lands End is significantly older then many settlements in Thistleland.

Little has changed with the town over the years, aside occasional rebuilding to replace rotting wood and failing ropes. As such Lands End is known as one of the most peaceful places in Thistleland, and much of it's limited economy is based on tourism.


While the climate around Lands End is temperate, closer to the town it is hard to tell due to a stable year-round mild temperature and continuous darkness.


Aside the ring shape of the suspended town itself, Lands End has two main landmarks of note, the drinking establishment the town is named for and The Hole.

Serving as a community centre, tavern and general watering hole, the inn known as The Land's End is a wooden building suspended by ropes above The Empty Ocean much like the rest of the town. Due to the buildings age and occasional renovation and expansion, The Land's End has a vaguely mismatched appearance, with the various parts of the building not always level with each other. Lighting is provided by what appear to be storm lanterns and small fireflies in jars. The Land's End is open to residents and visitors alike and has a number of rooms available for those staying in the town, making it the resting place of choice

The Hole itself is the ominous darkened sphere in the centre of Lands End, with the town purposefully built around it. Sitting a small distance from the tip of the western Thistleland cliffs, it is permanently floating in a fixed location above The Empty Ocean. The locals of Lands End tell that The Hole is what drains the light from around the town, keeping it in perpetual night. Locals also warn people not to approach The Hole, as anyone who pass a very specific distance are forever lost to The Hole. Gang planks suspended by rope circle around The Hole up to the edge, where locals sometimes check on The Hole. It is not advisable for visitors to approach The Hole alone, some people claim to hear sounds from within it, while others experience vertigo and others still seem to be inexplicably drawn closer, as if compelled to approach it until they touch the horizon and are lost forever.


The town folk of Lands End are known to be polite, courteous but reserved around visitors, and will rarely provide information or services voluntarily. Often visitors can initially mistake the locals distance as isolationist, insular or outright hostile, however this usually passes.

While they prefer to keep to themselves, the locals of Lands End have been known to assist visitors, especially those who seem drawn to The Hole, restraining such people from meeting their doom, and comforting others who come to Lands End with the world on their shoulders with carefully placed words.

Fauna and Flora

Due to the town's suspended nature, little lives in Lands End, though some locals do keep a Hummingmoth for messages. Fireflies are commonly found around the town, and are encourages to remain in some locations as a light source by placing food and shelter for them. They are also kept in jars in other places.

The towns primary food supply are from fishing, which are usually caught at the edge of any walkway or house by pole and line, and mushrooms grown in most homes which require no light.

Small vermin have been seen on occasion running along the ropes and making nests in some house walls.