Thistleland is a sizeable continent and the main setting for the Thistleland creative project.

A large continent, Thistleland is lush and varied, with small to medium sized settlements spread out across the land. Much of the land is wild and unexplored, waiting for adventurers to find new ruins, artefacts and even settlements.


Thistleland has three main climates, set north-west to south-east. In the north is an area of chilly crag and rocky highlands, giving way to fertile grassy plains in the lowlands. Further to the south are the deciduous forests that make up over two thirds of the continent, which become progressivly denser as one progresses to the south-east.


While Thistleland remains largely a poorly explored continent, there are a number of well known locations.

Guildtown The Mage Temple The Halfway House The Dire Straits Burrow Valley
The Weasel Library The Northern Port The Southern Port The Eastern Port Lands End
The Bat Library The Hidden Garden Kalas Lab


Due to it's size Thistleland is a widely varied continent, with many groups of inhabitants. Some get along well enough to be allies, some remain recluse, and some are simply too far or difficult to communicate with to be in contact.

Civilians The Adventure Guild Mages Adventurers
Clerks Adventure Scouts The East Avala Company The Gamanic
Kobolds Witches Pirates

Common Creatures

Due to Thistlelands size and the nature of it's surrounding continents, the wildlife found there can be varied and diverse.

Much of the wildlife reflects normal Europian and North American creatures and plants with a number of unique species.

Moss Drake Leech Worm Red Planta Bearten Fennec Wolf
JellyRaptors Udderats Kaprosuchus Weaselroo Polezap
Hummingmoth Gulpena Mallweasel Tailworm


Most monsters in Thistleland are descendants of early Roofection rampages, twisting people and creatures into new and dangerous forms.

Roofection Werecollie Skitter Sloths Drop Bears