Thistleland is a creative project made and owned by Tea Spot that is set mainly in and around the fantasy continent of Thistleland, a varied land filled with creatures, cultures, Monsters and Magic.

While The Adventure Guild holds great influence across the landmass, dangers both inside and outside the continent threaten both put a change to this and also spell disaster for it's inhabitants, most of which are oblivious to the hidden perils facing them.

Thistleland is intended to be a world building project containing art, stories and more besides. While third party content cannot be officially added to Thistleland canon, the eventual goal is to create a setting that anyone can use and to have fun with, be it with art, stories, DnD settings, creating their own Thistleland characters or other creative projects.

Due to a large amount of content in Thistleland containing mature concepts, Thistleland as a project is not suitable for minors, and therefore is for adults only.