Tooth Sucker

Tooth Suckers are a rare monster encountered in some regions of Thistleland that are considered highly dangerous by The Adventure Guild and are best engaged at range, if at all.

Appearing similar to a Giant Anteater, Tooth Suckers have long shaggy fur, are able to stand bipedal for short durations, and have strongly armoured wedge shaped bone-covered muzzles that sacrifice jaw movement for the ability to be immune to crushing jaws on their muzzles up to and including hyenas. Their shaggy fur is thick enough to be highly resistant to blades of all types, though is venerable to fire.

Thankfully rare, these creatures use their bulk, protective fur and hook-like front claws to grapple their opponents in a strong, inescapable hold. for that reason The Adventure Guild advise any who encounter a Tooth Sucker to, if they have to engage it at all, do so at distance and to maintain that distance at all costs. Brawlers and close combat Adventurers are advised to not engage Tooth Suckers at all for their own safety.

While due to their rarity and danger level there have been no Tooth Suckers captured, or remains in condition to experiment on, it has been considered that Tooth Suckers may have internal structures and metabolisms wildly different from most creatures, and combined with their single minded intents on discovering any other species suspicion has fallen to prior Roofection experimentation as to their origin.

Tooth Suckers appear, at least from current reports, to subsist on two substances primarily. They may consume other things, however this has not been observed yet. The following explains this in greater detail.

Once a Tooth Sucker has grappled and captured a (Probably struggling) victim, it will move it's armoured snout forward and push it into the victims mouth. Most victims will try to bite, gnaw or spit out the Tooth Suckers muzzle. This has never worked to date. The tooth sucker will then wrap the tip of it's snout, which have psudolips, around a tooth of the victim and start to suckle on the tooth. Generally speaking the first teeth to be suckled on are the canine teeth. This suckling will increase in strength with each draw, until the tooth will become loose and finally "pop" out of it's socket. The tooth Sucker will then swallow this tooth, and move on to the next tooth. This process will be repeated with each and every tooth in the (muffled screaming) victims mouth at a painfully slow speed, as Tooth Suckers generally take their time when feeding.

Once all the victims teeth have been pulled out one by one, the tooth sucker will extract it's muzzle from the victims mouth and proceed with the next phase of it's processing of victims.

Once fed, the Tooth Sucker will then move to it's source of drink. A Tooth Sucker will move the tip of it's snout to the victims face, and sniff the face to search it's way to the victims eyes. It will then begin to lap at one of the victims eyes. Due to having no jaw movement, they will rely on insistent licking to eventually rupture the eyeball from persistent abrasion. They will then lap up the juices within, before sniffing it's way to the next eye in order to drink from that eye in the same manner.

Once the (sobbing) victim is toothless and eyeless victim, the Tooth Sucker will discard the person and wander on it's way, leaving the victim alone, toothless, blind and in agony. If there are any other people with the first victim, they will then be targeted next.

It has been theorised that the Tooth Sucker may not consume teeth and eyeball juices as a primary source of nutrition and liquid, but as a source for specific nutrients they require. There have been no attempts to find this out.